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Knightmare on Wall Street

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The Aftermath of the Mirage

The Speed Traders


Author Edgar Perez's book is so rich in detail, so riveting, opening with a brief history of the firm and then following with the dramatic August 1, 2012, morning trading meltdown that it boggled this author's mind. Edgar Perez's book takes the reader on a wild ride with great historical analysis and insights into what exactly went wrong. For those who enjoy reading on the very human failures of Wall Street and the intersection of money and technology, then Knightmare on Wall Street is the book for you. Read Full Review
The Huffington Post
Knightmare on Wall Street' is a superlative account of the coming‐of‐age of high frequency trading, and the definitive chronicle of Knight Capital’s impressive ascendancy and lightning toppling. Full Review
Perez does a tremendous job in making the histories of all of the people and companies involved as easy to digest as possible; peg orders are arguably not an easy concept to explain. Again – excellent book, but readers have to invest some time slogging through the first 25% of the book to get back to the action. As soon as Joyce comes back to the office after surgery and realizes the extent of the challenges ahead, all hell breaks loose and things start to get very exciting again. Full Review
Modern Finance Report
Perez shows in Knightmare on Wall Street a talent for distilling multiple threads of events and stitching them together into a seemingly singular narrative. From the internal discussions on how to stop the bleeding to the chaos on the New York Stock Exchange’s trading floor to the on-air reactions of CNBC’s anchors, Perez presents the story from different angles and captures the reader’s attention. Full Review
The Asian Century Report
The author's style is imaginative, and keeps the reader's interest alive throughout the book. It will surely be interesting and useful, particularly for those who follow or are interested in the world of finance. I think the book is a great read, and would recommend it. Full Review
Seeking Alpha

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