The world’s first 360° Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Edgar Perez, author of The Speed Traders and Knightmare on Wall Street, is a recognized futurist, keynote speaker and director of programs targeted at board members, chief executive officers and senior executives looking for new ways to gain and maintain a competitive business advantage.Cybersecurity is top of mind for management. That same cannot be said of all your employees, who need to be appropriately trained and evaluated on a consistent basis. Is your cybersecurity team up to the challenge?

We offer the world’s first Cybersecurity Awareness Training that effectively prepares employees at all levels of the organization, including your chairman, CEO or board members.

Any of your employees can be exposed to a sophisticated phishing attack. We provide a baseline analysis to understand how ready your organization is to respond to this type of attacks; once training is complete, we benchmark your readiness to your baseline assessment as well as competitors in your same industry.


What People Are Saying About

"Thanks for the great work training our employees. You really made a difference!"
Global Chief Information Security Officer

"After working with a number of vendors, we found your team to be in a qualitatively different level. By that I speak to your deep expertise and exemplary professionalism."
Divisional Chief Information Officer

"The team that Edgar has assembled is top-notch. There are no words to express our satisfaction with your high-quality delivery."
Member of the Board of Directors

"The program provides a comprehensive approach for any organization to lead in cybersecurity readiness."
IT Security Coordinator

"Great training. Much more than expected!"
Senior IT Specialist

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