Edgar Perez is a visionary business and technology speaker who has dazzled audiences around the world with his remarkable ability to demystify technology and empower leaders to seize the future with confidence. With his in-depth knowledge and experience in AI, Quantum Computing, and the Metaverse, Edgar provides unrivaled insights that have enabled organizations to ignite innovation and harness technology to thrive through challenges and opportunities that await them.

Edgar, ranked by Google as a Top 10 AI Keynote Speaker, has inspired the world with his insights and expertise on the future of technology. He has spoken at some of the most prestigious and influential conferences around the globe, captivating audiences in over 20 countries and 4 continents. His remarkable client list includes Fortune 500 companies such as CME Group, Dell, Franklin Templeton, Huawei, Pure Storage, Rackspace, Symantec, and Tencent, among many others.


As a seasoned speaker with a passion for innovation, Edgar has also shared his wisdom with viewers of CNBC, CNN, CGTN, FOX Business, Bloomberg TV, Habertürk TV, CGTN, Channel NewsAsia, and CCTV China.

His compelling style and depth of understanding have made him a popular guest on television networks and podcasts alike.

With his keen eye on the future of technology, Edgar inspires his audience members to pursue innovation and think strategically about the impact of emerging technologies on their industries and businesses. His presentations are rigorously researched, visually captivating, and full of practical insights that leave attendees feeling enlightened, motivated, and prepared to harness the power of technology to achieve growth and success.


Unique Perspective

Edgar offers a holistic view of the technology landscape, combining his expertise in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, metaverse, and more to provide a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected and ever-changing nature of technology.

Real-World Insights

Edgar has helped top corporations achieve breakthroughs in organizational and technology innovation. In his engaging and authoritative presentations, he reveals the secrets of how leading organizations are staying ahead of the curve by leveraging cutting-edge case studies and examples.

Customized Content

Tailoring each presentation to the specific needs of your event and audience, Edgar ensures that his content is relevant, timely, and resonates with participants.

Interactive Experience

Engaging audiences through Q&A sessions and compelling visuals, Edgar creates an immersive learning environment that fosters dialogue, debate, and collaboration.

Virtual Avatar

Edgar is the only keynote speaker in the world to engage his virtual persona, Edgar Perez AI, during his presentations, both in-person and virtually.


If you want to foster innovation, master technological change, and leverage the opportunities that change creates in your organization, Edgar is the speaker you need. Don’t miss this chance to invite him to speak at your next event!


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